1896 Dress

Upon advice of good friends I’m starting this blog to record my endeavours to recreate the following 1896 bodice and skirt along with all the necessary underpinnings and accessories.


I found this dress after picking the lock on an antique steamer trunk that I purchased back in 1997 for $50. Also in the trunk were a silk and lace handkerchief and an album of Victorian postcards and cards d’visite. The dress has since resided in my cedar hope chest.

My plan is to very carefully measure, photograph and study the bodice and skirt to determine how they are constructed and then to start building the ensemble from the skin out–including undergarments and a corset.

As I work full time and am also working on my master’s degree this project will not be completed quickly. But if you have patience you are most welcome to follow along on my adventure to the 1890s.